Gravity Forms conference Session - How to Make your Data Processors Love You

WPCampus 2019 – How to Make your Data Processors Love You (Gravity Forms Automation)

Gravity Forms (or other forms) Automation

Do you use Gravity Forms or other web forms to gather lots of data your processing center needs? Do you still send them individual emails from each form submission?

Let’s talk about how to automate that data collection using the Gravity Forms API!

Even if you don’t use Gravity Forms, you can still gain insight on how to work with your institution to deliver better data they can use without having to reformat or manipulate it to make that data useful.

You can create data formats for uploading into your SIS, create pdfs to index in your systems, and deliver that data to the folks who need it. Scripted. Automated. Done. They will love you.

From my session at WPCampus 2019 in Portland, OR. Contact me if you have any questions!

Session Video


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