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Nonprofit Advocacy Rights Attorney and Consultant, Sara Matlin provides experienced legal consulting and workshops for nonprofits.

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Sewickley Electrolysis

Sewickley Electrolysis

From Julie’s website: Electrolysis requires a great amount of skill, and even though electrolysis machines are sold for home use, we recommend you turn to a trained and experienced electrologist. Picking the right electrologist to do the job is by far the most important factor in determining a safe and effective treatment. The removal of hair with electrolysis is an intricate procedure; the tiny probe needs to be precisely inserted in order for electrolysis to be effective. Modern technology has made electrolysis hair removal less painful. We provide the gold standard and world’s most advanced technology in electrolysis.

Girls You belong in Mathematics


In the summer of 2018, Chrissy & Cora Newell started reading about inspirational women in mathematics in the book Power in Numbers by Dr. Talithia Williams. They decided that everyone should know these women’s names, and #MathGals was born!

They design shirts that honor past & present #MathGals, inspire future #MathGals and start conversations to include and inspire girls to love math.

Schoolmarm Advisors

Schoolmarm Advisors

Historical research and editorial support for education authors and publishers.