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New State.  New schedule.  LOTS of transition.  We’ve been at it for a month now, and things are slowly falling in to place. We still have a bit of unpacking and arranging to do, and cleaning as the house we moved in to was less than taken care of.  Such is life, right?

I’ve found a new ortho doc and hopefully will have a plan this week.  I want a comprehensive plan to get my leg better.  One – have to feel better.  Two – gotta take care of the family.  My husband’s shoulders have been so put-upon, and I really want to lighten the load for him.

Aside from all the challenges, I LOVE being home, closer to our families and great friends!

Angry_face.jpg Angry Face image by ltsmakebiscuits

I need to rant a little, hopefully I can just get it out and then move on and let it go.

We took our time to find a moving company – one that would do a full move and transport.  They pack us up, and drive it to our destination for us.  We got three quotes, and went with the one we thought was best and reasonably priced.  The sales guy was all about the sale on this one, I’m finding – he was very good at telling us how good they were and how they’d take care of us, etc (you know how salesmen are). blah blah blah…

Fast forward to today, our moving day.  Movers call us 24 hours ahead and tell us they’d arrive between 7-11AM.  We get a call at 9:50 this morning that they were going to be late, and not just a little late – 12:30!!!  They FINALLY show up at 12:40, almost TWO hours past the THREE hour window they’d previously promised.  Strike one.

So the guy walks in with an attitude first of all.  Hasn’t reviewed any of the paperwork, so had NO IDEA what kind of move they were supposed to be performing today.  We had to walk them through the house TWICE to explain what goes and what stays, even though ALL this information is in the paperwork he NEVER even looked at.  At least come prepared, buddy, sheesh.  On top of this, as I’m signing the paperwork, he looks around and says to me “wow, this is going to be a LONG day” – like we were putting HIM out for having a JOB.  I looked at him and said “well, that’s what we’re paying you for, aren’t we??”, and he realizes how offensive what he just said was, if only a little.  Strike two.

Two guys show up for a four man job, and they get to work, packing up our house and loading the truck.  As a rain storm blows in, John politely asks them to please put our strollers into the truck before it rained.  As it starts POURING, I go in and say, “John!  The strollers are still outside” – he runs out and asks the guy about it and he goes “OH!”, goes to the door, and proceeds to WAIT while the rain SOAKS our strollers.  He just stood in the doorway so he wouldn’t get wet.  We’re going to end up with moldy, nasty strollers when we get to NY.  (which they WILL be replacing if they do end up in this condition).  Strike three.

I left to go see the kids and help our friends put them to bed (our friends, the Rays, are so freaking awesome  – we don’t what we would have done without them today (and many other days actually)), run to target to pick up some stuff.  I get home at 9:40 and they’re STILL here, they’re STILL here!!!!  I come in, and they’ve left stuff in EVERY room.  Just little random stuff that goes with other things – toy pieces, two mismatched shoes, curtains, etc etc.  Could they even had done a thorough job?  Guess not.  I’m just so pissed about this situation.  And I find out that they’ll probably be the ones who’ll be UNLOADING us in NY.  SO NOT happy about that.

so to recap – our movers show up almost two hours late, give me attitude about the job, do a crappy job, and I have to deal with the same folks on the other end.  OH, and we’re probably going to end up paying THOUSANDS more than they estimated b/c of weight on the truck.

I am going to do my best to look on the bright side of this, that we’re going HOME to a place we love and people we love even more.  I will fix my attitude, I’m sure, once we hit the interstate and know that my sisters are waiting for me with open arms in Pittsburgh.

the kinetograph

.the kinetograph – check out this blog post by my friend, Gene – we used to work together at UT Press.  I just finished up my job here, and this is a really great book, by a really great author!  (Stephen Lyn Bales)