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Throughout my journey as a web developer, I’ve discovered an abundance of invaluable online resources that have aided me in my work. I am grateful to the many individuals who have generously shared their knowledge and experience through various platforms. I have compiled a list, which I am sharing below, for your reference. I hope that you too can benefit from these resources. If you have any queries regarding website development, reach out to me.


Accessibility is not only important for your website to create a space where everyone can access your products and services, it’s also a legal issue. It can be an overwhelming undertaking to understand how to make your website accessible to all, but there are many resources to help you on your way!

WebAIM’s Intro to Web Accesssibility
W3c Accessibility Quick Reference
WPCampus Accessibility Audit of WordPress
Accessibility Overlays Factsheet


Relearn CSS Layouts

WPShout – indepth WordPress Tutorials for Developers
JavaScript for WP – tutorials to learn JavaScript for WordPress
WPCampus Library – growing collection of knowledge shared by members of the WPCampus community

I will continue adding to this list. Leave a comment with your favorite web development resources, and I’ll add them to my list! See my list of plugins, themes, and hosting recommendations, they are my affiliate links so I make a small commission if you use the links (and I appreciate it!!)