>> Pete said Sharon was going through detox. I wished I could remember the name of the med that is causing Sharon the biggest issues, but it is the med that keeps her from having seizures. They determined this was causing conflict with the steroids. After running tests, she had way too high levels of this med in her system. The range for the med should be between 10-19 and it registered at 29, so they have reduced the med and said they would not release her until she is back in normal range. Could take a couple of days. Pete said she is beside herself again and she wants to come home. The Drs had told Pete they couldn’t force her to stay but strongly advised her not to go home. If Pete’s sister in law had not been with Pete, Pete said he knows he could not have convinced her this was in her best interest. >> >> Here is Sharon’s new phone # 704-355-6435 and she is in room 4924. Pete said the new room was very nice. Large with a lot of nice furnishings. No word on the rehab yet… After a glowing report earlier, I hate sharing the news above. Hopefully a lot of the emotions this evening was from being tired. They did a good hour of physical therapy and she walked the most she had in a while. I’m sure she was exhausted. >> >> >>