My blog’s been neglected for a very long time.  Guess it’s time to regroup and refocus.

A New Year

I compiled my to-do list/wish list of personal work, as well as goals I’d like to achieve for my job this.  It’s a daunting list.  I’d like to blog about it, but does anyone really care?  Leave a comment with topics you’d like covered.  I need to find my audience.

And since I’m no longer living in the South, I probably should change my blog title.  hmmmm….decisions.  Help!

One Week to Go

SunsphereMoving in a week, chaos has ensued.  This blog has been neglected.  It will get a shiny new update after the big move!  Thanks to everyone for all their help, love, and support!

Green Velvet Cupcake Experiment…

I wanted to make cupcakes for Maggie’s class for tomorrow, and I found this great recipe for ‘green velvet’ cake ( Mine definitely didn’t turn out as fancy looking as hers, but they were fun to make!!  John calls them the ORNL cupcakes – they’re GLOWING!!

The NEON batter (I used every bit of green food coloring I had in the house to get enough that the recipe calls for, is that green or what?)
Another crazy green batter shot
Getting ready to bake
out of the oven, weird hulkish looking now with the light browning of the top.
cooling..a few sunk in the middle, nothing a little extra frosting can’t fix
I tested one, I’m still ASTOUNDED at the neon green!!

(the cake tastes pretty good, though!)

Frosting – recipe here – basic buttercream.

I didn’t want to do creamcheese frosting – kids like plain sugar anyway!

I don’t have a pastry bag, so I made one! I’ve found this is a SUPER fast way to frost cupcakes.
bag, ready to be snipped.
Frosted! (with sprinkles)
side shot.
My girl’s special one. I picked out the best one and put her initial on it. I doubt she’ll care, because they’re CUPCAKES after all!