Northern Girl in a Southern Land

Up and at ’em today – have lots more coding to do.

I am missing my friends and family today, but will hopefully see them soon. ┬áKids are growing so fast, I don’t want them to miss it!

Working on some very cool stuff with WordPress MU. ┬áCan’t wait to get it under my belt!

Websites Websites Websites!

Finally got some sleep, not 8 hours, but not 2.5 either. So with some coffee and a smile, I’m gonna make it through! Have a TON of web development to do this week. Three websites will go up by the end of the year (I’ll post links when they’re launched). This is the kind of work that excites me and keeps me going. Even though it can be a royal pain (clients, content, code..), it’s rewarding work.

Kids are off to daycare, we’re off to work, and the race has begun.