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WordCamp Rochester 2018

WordCamp Rochester 2018 is coming up soon! We have a kickass schedule with some great sessions to learn all about what’s going on in the WordPress world. You wanna learn more about Gutenberg and how it will effect your website? Check out the sessions and join us for a fun day of networking. I’m one of the organizers this year, so hit me up if you have any questions.

Young Maryann at Camp with Pink glasses

GVRC 50th Anniversary Fundraiser

I’m on the planning committee for GVRC’s 50th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser happening on October 5, 2013 in Mt Morris, NY.

The link below takes you to the website where tickets and donations can be made.  This is a tremendous organization I’ve been involved with since I was literally six years old.

Genesee Valley Rotary Camp

Genesee Valley Rotary Camp (GVRC), is a one week summer camp for young people (ages 8–21) with various disabilities. GVRC is a not-for-profit organization that became incorporated in 1963 and has served children and young adults from four surrounding counties (Livingston, Steuben, Wyoming, and Allegany) ever since.

Come ON, Slickdeals!!!

Slickdeals (http://slickdeals.net)  really pissed me off this morning. In the main text of their latest ‘update’ email, was this text:

“”With hundreds of deals in dozens of ad scans, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sales and offers this holiday season. With the help of our deal editors, we compiled a Holiday Gift Guide that includes a $29.99 Craftsman Drill (originally $59.99) for Dad, $10 Panini Maker (originally $49.99) for Mom and a $19.99 VTech Discovery Table (originally $39.99) for the little ones! Check out what else we found!””

Why is this so offensive to me? Oh wait, it’s 2012, and we’re still being marketed to as ‘the Mom’ or ‘the Dad’ – I know many families who these roles do NOT apply to, and honestly, I’d like to see this kind of marketing go away.

Oh, and I’m an equal breadwinner in my family, and I am offended that they’re not marketing the gadgets and TECHNOLOGY that I want.  I’ve used this website for many years now, and I’m just taken aback by their ridiculously sexist marketing this morning.

Tell them how you feel here!!

Plug for my friend’s blog

I’ve only met my friend, Christi, once.  But since that fateful toddler birthday party, she’s become one of my Facebook bff’s.  Funny how life works.  We move away from one city, and stay connected and are still able to nurture meaningful relationships.

The power of social media.

Check her out here (she’s also listed in my links on the sidebar).

An Interesting Problem with WordPress Integration

I have an interesting issue, and I’m wondering if anyone out there might have some ideas for me.

I’ve got a wordpress site setup (I’m building an Intranet with). I’ve got HESK integrated as well as http commander for a built-in helpdesk/kb and AD file share viewing capabilities. I’m using an active directory login pluggin to hook the site to AD authentication.

What I’d like to do is figure out how to make it a single sign-on. If a user is authenticated on the site with their AD creds, shouldn’t it be somewhat easy to pass that info to iframe for http commander so that they can view their file shares without having to login twice? and the HESK thing – that is a whole other user table in the database, so I have a bit of research to do on that.  My ultimate goal is to have one sign on for wordpress, and be done.

Any brilliant ideas?