Just got back from the hospital and Sharon looked amazingly well. Pete and I passed each other on the highway and when I got to Sharon’s room, she was asleep. After her nap, she said she felt better because she realized she needed to stay in the hospital. She said she almost had another nasty fall coming out of the hospital bathroom and thank goodness several people were there to catch her – and the light bulb went off – stop fighting it… 

Latest Drs report: the Drs agreed the steroids played a major role in Sharon’s weakness, but they also discovered two other meds were contributing to the issues. One has the side effect of fogginess in the mind and another med also can cause balance issues. They are searching to see what meds can be substituted and if that is not the case, at least reduce the prescription. The other thing that is in question is whether the insurance will pay for Sharon to go across the street and have intense physical therapy for 5-7 days. She really hopes this is approved because she said she is getting spring fever and is ready to work in the yard. If the insurance doesn’t pay for the hospital rehab, then they are sure it will pay for in home therapy. That’s about it for now. Pete is exhausted and heading to bed soon. His brother and Karen arrived safely and will be taking care of him for a few days.

Sharon said I could put her hospital room phone # on the new blog (thanks MaryAnn) – 704-355-2798. But if the hospital rehab is approved tonight or in the morning, she may move across the street and obviously this number will no longer be valid. If that is the case, she will call me and give me the new number to post.

I told Sharon as I left, it was good to see the old Sharon back again!  She has that “HOPE” again. Not sure if Sharon mentioned this to you, but she told me at Christmas time, her word for the New Year is HOPE.