Slickdeals (  really pissed me off this morning. In the main text of their latest ‘update’ email, was this text:

“”With hundreds of deals in dozens of ad scans, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sales and offers this holiday season. With the help of our deal editors, we compiled a Holiday Gift Guide that includes a $29.99 Craftsman Drill (originally $59.99) for Dad, $10 Panini Maker (originally $49.99) for Mom and a $19.99 VTech Discovery Table (originally $39.99) for the little ones! Check out what else we found!””

Why is this so offensive to me? Oh wait, it’s 2012, and we’re still being marketed to as ‘the Mom’ or ‘the Dad’ – I know many families who these roles do NOT apply to, and honestly, I’d like to see this kind of marketing go away.

Oh, and I’m an equal breadwinner in my family, and I am offended that they’re not marketing the gadgets and TECHNOLOGY that I want.  I’ve used this website for many years now, and I’m just taken aback by their ridiculously sexist marketing this morning.

Tell them how you feel here!!